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[Resources Recycling]

A Study on the Proper Waste Management and Urban Mining Project in Asian Countries; International Resources Recycling and Cross-Border Pollution YU Jeongsoo (Professor)

[Respiration pneumonia]

Oral Biofilm Functional Analysis: from “What Are They?" to “What Are They Doing?" TAKAHASHI Nobuhiro (Professor)

[Responsive gene]

Hormone Actions in Human Breast Carcinoma SUZUKI Takashi (Professor)


Drug Delivery System for Retinal Protection ABE Toshiaki (Professor)

[Retinal Proshesis]

Development of Biomedical Micro/Nano Integrated System Using LSI Technology TANAKA Tetsu (Professor)


Advanced Wireless Information Technology SUEMATSU Noriharu (Professor)


Robot Technology for Achieving Secure Society TADOKORO Satoshi (Professor)
Interactive Content to Enrich Our Lives KITAMURA Yoshifumi (Professor)


Real World Robotics KOSUGE Kazuhiro (Professor)
Advanced Vision System with Less Calibration HASHIMOTO Koichi (Professor)

[Rough Terrain Locomotion]

Research and Development of Space Exploration Robots YOSHIDA Kazuya (Professor)



Generation of Rice Plants Suitable for Biofuel Production ITO Yukihiro (Associate Professor)
Improvement of Seed Production by Using Reproductive Trait in Crops, Especially, Rice and Cruciferous Crops WATANABE Masao (Professor)
Methods to Restore Strelity of Gramineous Plants under High- and Low-Temperature Stress Conditions HIGASHITANI Atsushi (Professor)
Molecular studies on new resources for hybrid rice breeding TORIYAMA Kinya (Professor)

[risk management]

Business Administration and Corporate Social Responsibility TAKAURA Yasunari (Associate Professor)

[room temperature]

Room temperature bonding using thin metal films (Atomic Diffusion Bonding) SHIMATSU Takehito (Professor)