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[autonomic nervous function sensor]

Project “The Mirror Magical”: Remote and Non-Contact Extraction of Biological Information YOSHIZAWA Makoto (Specially Appointed Professor)

[autonomic nervous system]

The Novel Ultrasound Irradiation Device NONOGAKI Katsunori (Professor)

[Autonomous Control]

Research and Development of Space Exploration Robots YOSHIDA Kazuya (Professor)

[Autonomous Decentralized System]

Understanding Biological Control Systems and its Application to Development of Life-Like Resilient Systems ISHIGURO Akio (Professor)

[Autonomous Mobile Robot]

Robot Technology for Achieving Secure Society TADOKORO Satoshi (Professor)

[azimuthal polarization]

Development of Vector Beam and its Application to Nanoimaging SATO Shunichi (Professor)



Development of the method of Baby Borehole Hydraulic Fracturing, BABHY ITO Takatoshi (Professor)


Development of next-generation sterilization method by a plasma flow at atmospheric pressure SATO Takehiko (Professor)

[Bacteria-induced deterioration]

Oral Biofilm Functional Analysis: from “What Are They?" to “What Are They Doing?" TAKAHASHI Nobuhiro (Professor)


Methods to Restore Strelity of Gramineous Plants under High- and Low-Temperature Stress Conditions HIGASHITANI Atsushi (Professor)

[barometric sensor]

Assessment of Physical Activities Using Wearable Sensors NAGATOMI Ryoichi (Professor)

[baroreflex sensitivity]

Quantitative Evaluation of the Baroreflex Sensitivity of the Heart and Artery YAMBE Tomoyuki (Professor)

[Basal metabolic rates]

Development of New Drugs and Devices Regulating Inter-Organ Neural Network for Obesity Therapy KATAGIRI Hideki (Professor)

[Base Metal Production]

Advanced Recycling Process and Development of Environmental Preservation Technologies KASAI Eiki (Professor)


“HYDRIDE" Researches for Energy Applications ORIMO Shin-ichi (Professor)

[Bayes Modeling]

Data Analytics for Creation of Social Values ISHIGAKI Tsukasa (Associate Professor)

[Bayesian Optimization]

Optimizing everything / Optimal Society OHZEKI Masayuki (Professor)

[Beam Yielding Mechanism]

[Big Data]

Brain Development and Aging Using Large Brain MRI Database TAKI Yasuyuki (Professor)