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[Therapeutic apparatus]

Biometric Monitor and Therapeutic Apparatus System Mounted Inside Mouth KOSEKI Takeyoshi (Professor)

[thermal radiation]

Development of Renewable Energy Systems for Sustainable Development Society YUGAMI Hiroo (Professor)


Understanding and application of thermoacoustic phenomena BIWA Tetsushi (Professor)


Eco-Material Processing NAGASAKA Tetsuya (Professor)


Development of Renewable Energy Systems for Sustainable Development Society YUGAMI Hiroo (Professor)

[thermophysical properties of high-temperature melts]

High-Temperature Processes and Measurements of Materials FUKUYAMA Hiroyuki (Professor)

[thermos/thermomechanical properties]

Multi-functionalization of composite materials by microstructure design KURITA Hiroki (Assistant Professor)

[thin film]

Visualization of Biological Microstructure with High Frequency Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging SAIJO Yoshifumi (Professor)

[Thin-film type sensor]

Chemical imaging devices which operate in severe environments MUTO Izumi (Professor)


Universal Design in Language Use KOIZUMI Masatoshi (Professor)

[three dimensional culture]

Biological Application of Scanning Probe Microscope SHIKU Hitoshi (Professor)

[three-dimensional motion analysis]

Clinical Applications of Motion Capture System for Living Body KANETAKA Hiroyasu (Professor)

[tissue engineering]

Development of Novel Bone Substitute Biomaterials Showing Highly Osteoconductive Property SUZUKI Osamu (Professor)


Photo-Induced Characteristics of TiO2 Prepared by Anodic Oxidation MASAHASHI Naoya (Professor)


Selective recovery of tocotrienol from vegetable oils using ion-exchange resins SHIBASAKI-KITAKAWA Naomi (Professor)


X-Ray Phase Imaging for High-Sensitive Non-Destructive Testing MOMOSE Atsushi (Professor)

[total synthesis]

Synthesis of Biologically Active Cyclodepsipeptide Natural Products DOI Takayuki (Professor)

[touch panels]

Development of Interconnect Materials and Processes for High Performance and High Reliability Electric Devices KOIKE Junichi (Professor)


Advanced Control of Microstructure and Property of Structural Metallic Materials FURUHARA Tadashi (Professor)

[tourist industry]

Support for Succession of Traditional Performing Arts which Utilized Motion Capture System WATABE Shinichi (Professor)