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Development of Immunobiotic Evaluation System for Functional Feeds as a Livestock Animal Model KITAZAWA Haruki (Professor)

[Synthetic Medicines]

Advanced Molecular Transformations by Organocatalysts TERADA Masahiro (Professor)

[Synthetic Organic Chemistry]

Development of New Reactions Using Organocatalyst HAYASHI Yujiro (Professor)


[synchrotron radiation]

High-speed X-ray phase tomography with a millisecond-order temporal resolution YASHIRO Wataru (Professor)


[Tactile sensor]

Study on Tactile/Touch Feeling Sensor TANAKA Mami (Professor)

[Targeted Absolute Proteomics]

Highly Sensitive and Simultaneous Absolute Protein Quantification by LC-MS/MS TERASAKI Tetsuya (Professor)

[Targeted endogenous molecules]

Drug Development for Fundamental Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease YAMAKUNI Tohru ( )

[Tau imaging]

Biomarker Development and Preemptive Therapy of Alzheimer's Disease ARAI Hiroyuki (Professor)


Development of Frequency Tunable Coherent TERAHERTZ Light Sources and their Potential Applications OYAMA Yutaka (Professor)
Spintronics Devices and Materials MIZUKAMI Shigemi (Professor)

[Thallium Bromide (TlBr)]

Development of Compound Semiconductor Radiation Detectors HITOMI Keitaro (Associate Professor)

[The 2011 Tohoku earthquake]

[The Mirror Magical]

Project “The Mirror Magical”: Remote and Non-Contact Extraction of Biological Information YOSHIZAWA Makoto ( )

[Therapeutic apparatus]

Biometric Monitor and Therapeutic Apparatus System Mounted Inside Mouth KOSEKI Takeyoshi (Professor)


Eco-Material Processing NAGASAKA Tetsuya (Professor)



Prevention and amelioration of late-onset hypogonadism by food ingredients SHIRAKAWA Hitoshi (Professor)

[thermal radiation]

Development of Renewable Energy Systems for Sustainable Development Society YUGAMI Hiroo (Professor)


Understanding and application of thermoacoustic phenomena BIWA Tetsushi (Professor)

[thermoelectric conversion]

Hierarchy Control in Structure and Creation of Novel Properties in Nano Scale Materials TANIGAKI Katsumi (Professor)


Development of Renewable Energy Systems for Sustainable Development Society YUGAMI Hiroo (Professor)