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[computational simulation]

Material Design for Solution of Energy and Environmental Problems by Multi-Physics and Multi-Scale Simulation KUBO Momoji (Professor)

[Computer Architectures]

High Performance Computer Architectures and their Applications KOBAYASHI Hiroaki (Professor)

[computer graphics]

Support for Succession of Traditional Performing Arts which Utilized Motion Capture System WATABE Shinichi (Professor)

[Computer Vision]

Visual Computing with Secure ICT in the Big Data Era AOKI Takafumi (Professor)

[concrete 3D printing]

[Concurrent Process Calculus]

Programming Language Theory and Computation Models SUMII Eijiro (Professor)

[Confined Liquids]

Development of Nano-Interface Chemistry for Materials Sciences Using Surface Forces Measurement KURIHARA Kazue (Professor)


[Conjugated cholesterol metabolites]

Discovery of diagnostic markers by metabolomics MANO Nariyasu (Professor)

[Conjugated polymer]

Hybridized Organic and Polymer Nanocrystals for Optically Functional Materials OIKAWA Hidetoshi (Professor)

[Connective tissue disease]

Development of preventive medicine for aortic aneurysm and dissection of Marfan syndrome SAITOU Masahiro (Professor)

[Contactless Power Transmission]

Development of an Industrial Instrument / the Medical Equipment Using the Contactless Power Transmission System MATSUKI Hidetoshi (Professor)

[Content Distribution]

Internet video streams have identities like fingerprints KATO Nei (Professor)

[continuous productin ]

A Novel Process for Continuous Production of High Quality Biodiesel with Ion-Exchange Resin Catalysts SHIBASAKI-KITAKAWA Naomi (Professor)

[Control of Large Degree-of-Freedom System]

Understanding Biological Control Systems and its Application to Development of Life-Like Resilient Systems ISHIGURO Akio (Professor)

[Convergent-beam electron diffraction]

Nano-Scale Total-Analysis Based on TEM TERAUCHI Masami (Professor)

[corporate social responsibility]

Business Administration and Corporate Social Responsibility TAKAURA Yasunari (Associate Professor)


Suppression of Intergranular Degradation of Polycrystalline Materials by Grain Boundary Engineering SATO Yutaka (Professor)
Chemical imaging devices which operate in severe environments MUTO Izumi (Professor)
Hydrogen embrittlement of high strength steels AKIYAMA Eiji (Professor)