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[SiC power devices]

Development of Interconnect Materials and Processes for High Performance and High Reliability Electric Devices KOIKE, Junichi (Professor)

[Side-Channel Attack]

Visual Computing with Secure ICT in the Big Data Era AOKI, Takafumi (Professor)

[Signal processing]

Study on Tactile/Touch Feeling Sensor TANAKA, Mami (Professor)
Digital Signal Processing KAWAMATA, Masayuki (Professor)

[Silicon electrode]

Powder Jet Deposition: PJD KURIYAGAWA, Tsunemoto (Professor)

[Silicon Neural Probe]

Development of Biomedical Micro/Nano Integrated System Using LSI Technology TANAKA, Tetsu (Professor)


Powder Processing Contributing to the Global Environmental Protection KANO, Junya (Professor)
High Performance Computer Architectures and their Applications KOBAYASHI, Hiroaki (Professor)


Microwave Processing of Functional Inorganic Materials TAKIZAWA, Hirotsugu (Professor)

[Skeletal Muscle]

Exercising "Cultured" Myotubes! KANZAKI, Makoto (Associate Professor)


[silicon carbide]

Low-Temperature Synthesis of SiC Porous Bulk by Using Na YAMANE, Hisanori (Professor)

[simultaneous measurement of pressure and velocity]

Understanding and application of thermoacoustic phenomena BIWA, Tetsushi (Professor)


Drug Development for Fundamental Treatment of Alzheimer's Disease YAMAKUNI, Tohru (Associate Professor)

[single cell analysis]

Biological Application of Scanning Probe Microscope SHIKU, Hitoshi (Professor)

[size effect]

Physical properties and spin dynamics of nanomagnets and their application to magnetic memory devices KITAKAMI, Osamu (Professor)


Visualization of Biological Microstructure with High Frequency Ultrasound and Photoacoustic Imaging SAIJO, Yoshifumi (Professor)

[skin sensor]

Integrative Health and Human Subtle Energy ICHIE, Masayoshi (Professor)


The Novel Ultrasound Irradiation Device NONOGAKI, Katsunori (Professor)