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[cerebral infarction]

Development of a novel therapeutic drug, TMS-007, for acute cerebral infarction TOMINAGA Teiji (Professor)

[Cerebrospinal fluid]

Biomarker Development and Preemptive Therapy of Alzheimer's Disease ARAI Hiroyuki (Professor)

[cerium oxide]

Development of catalytic reaction system for direct synthesis from CO2 and diols TOMISHIGE Keiichi (Professor)

[Cetane number]

Identification of Ignition and Combustion Characteristics by a Micro Flow Rector with a Temperature Gradient MARUTA Kaoru (Professor)


Advanced die casting process computing with solidification phenomena ISHIMOTO Jun (Professor)

[charged particle detector]

Experimental Nuclear Physics NAKAMURA Satoshi N. (Professor)

[Charging System for Electric Vehicle]

Development of an Industrial Instrument / the Medical Equipment Using the Contactless Power Transmission System MATSUKI Hidetoshi (Professor)

[Chemical biology]

Creation of cancer cell specific oligonucleotide therapeutics WADA Takehiko (Professor)

[Chemical Engineering]

Process development using chemical reactions in high temperature/high pressure water; Super/subcritical fluid extraction technology ZHENG Qingxin (Assistant Professor)

[Chemical imaging]

Chemical imaging devices which operate in severe environments MUTO Izumi (Professor)

[Chemical plant]

Combustion and Atomization Technology in High-Pressure Gas Turbine Conditions KOBAYASHI Hideaki (Professor)

[Chemical species]

Development of next-generation sterilization method by a plasma flow at atmospheric pressure SATO Takehiko (Professor)

[chemical thermodynamics]

High-Temperature Processes and Measurements of Materials FUKUYAMA Hiroyuki (Professor)


Lymph node metastasis prediction and treatment evaluation system KODAMA Tetsuya (Professor)

[chronic kidney disease]

Development of anti-fibrotic therapies with a cell line from myofibroblasts of fibrotic kidneys SUZUKI Norio (Professor)

[Clinical development]

Development of PHD-Targeted Drug for Ischemic Injury MIYATA Toshio (Professor)

[Cloud Storage]

Blockchain-based Approachs for High Secure P2P-type Decentralized Cloud Storage and Practical Smart Contract for Trading Personal Data SAKAI Masao (Associate Professor)


Novel-Concept Silicon Integrated Circuits Derived from the 3-Dimensional Device, Circuit and Architecture ENDOH Tetsuo (Professor)

[CMOS device]

Development of Advanced Device and Process Technologies and New Image Sensors SUGAWA Shigetoshi (Professor)

[Co alloy]

Precipitation Hardened Co-based Alloy OMORI Toshihiro (Associate Professor)