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Religion, language, society, and life in ancient India NISHIMURA, Naoko (Associate Professor)

[Burn up]

Reactor Operation Monitoring by Neutrinos SUEKANE, Fumihiko (Professor)

[Business Continuity Management (BCM)]

Business Continuity Management (BCM) MARUYA, Hiroaki (Professor)

[Business Continuity Plan (BCP)]

Business Continuity Management (BCM) MARUYA, Hiroaki (Professor)


[building a low carbon society]

Low temperature reforming of hydrocarbons using metal oxide nanoparticles synthesized by supercritical method ADSCHIRI, Tadafumi (Professor)

[business and nonprofit]

Business Administration and Corporate Social Responsibility TAKAURA, Yasunari (Associate Professor)

[business ethics]

Business Administration and Corporate Social Responsibility TAKAURA, Yasunari (Associate Professor)



High-Precision Capturing of 3-D Dental-Arch Shapes and Their Occlusal Relation and its Potential Implementation into CAD/CAM Dentistry HATTORI, Yoshinori (Professor)


Advanced Vision System with Less Calibration HASHIMOTO, Koichi (Professor)


Development of new materials based on the calculation of thermodynamic properties through electronic theory OHTANI, Hiroshi (Professor)


Landmine detection sensor SATO, Motoyuki (Professor)


Development of Early Diagnosis and Treatment System for Lymph Node Metastasis KODAMA, Tetsuya (Professor)
Regulation of Angiogenesis SATO, Yasufumi (Professor)
Creation of cancer cell specific oligonucleotide therapeutics WADA, Takehiko (Professor)

[Carbon dioxide]

Development of catalytic reaction system for direct synthesis from CO2 and diols TOMISHIGE Keiichi (Professor)

[Carbon nanotube]

Development of High Performance Carbon Nanotube-Alumina Composite HASHIDA, Toshiyuki (Professor)

[Cardiac Contraction]

Noninvasive Ultrasonic Measurement of Dynamic Properties of Heart and Arteries KANAI, Hiroshi (Professor)


[calcium phosphate ceramics]

Development of Novel Bone Substitute Biomaterials Showing Highly Osteoconductive Property SUZUKI, Osamu (Professor)

[carbon fiber]

Peptide formation under high P and T conditions: new carbon fibers KAKEGAWA Takeshi (Professor)


Role of Volatiles on Petit-Spot Volcanoes HIRANO, Naoto (Associate Professor)