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Yeast models of familial Alzheimer disease to screen for gamma-secretase inhibitors and modulators Eugene Futai (Associate Professor)


[Zero carbon society]

Integrated Design for Sustainable Energy Systems Toshihiko Nakata (Professor)


[ Functional Brain Mapping]

Resarch and development for maintaining and improving brain and mental health Ryuta Kawashima (Professor)

[ inhibitors]

Development and evaluation of various inhibitors and disinfectants for SARS-CoV-2 Eiichi Kodama (Professor)

[ single crystal growth]

Development of Novel Scintillator and Piezoelectric Crystals Akira Yoshikawa (Professor)



Interactive Content to Enrich Our Lives Yoshifumi Kitamura (Professor)

[3D atom probe]

Analysis and Function Elucidation of Fine Clusters and Defects in Materials Invisible by Electron Microscopy Yasuyoshi Nagai (Professor)

[3D Display]

Development of the high-quality and low-power display system for ultra-realistic communications Takahiro Ishinabe (Professor)

[3D Integrated Circuit]

Novel-Concept Silicon Integrated Circuits Derived from the 3-Dimensional Device, Circuit and Architecture Tetsuo Endoh (Professor)

[3D Measurement]

High-Speed Vision for Real-Time Motion Analysis Shingo Kagami (Associate Professor)

[3D printing]

Additive Manufacturing of Metallic Parts with Electron Beam Melting (EBM) Akihiko Chiba (Specially Appointed Professor(Research))
Advanced Nanotechnology for Critical metal free secondary battery Itaru Homma (Professor)


Development of Biomedical Micro/Nano Integrated System Using LSI Technology Tetsu Tanaka (Professor)